Pitch Night Update (March)

Pitch Night Update (March)

We're starting to cause some trouble. A little bit of havoc is spilling over from these functions and it's disturbing the peace of "normal jobs."

Since we started in December of 2013, an active and passionate community has blossomed around Pitch Night.

We're starting to create jobs because people are leaving theirs. Doctors have stepped out of the theatre and into their new idea. Bankers have literally said goodbye to their big offices and started food businesses and such from scratch. New relationships, strategic connections, funding, laughter and a whole lot of love sort of bounces off of each other as a result of these Entrepreneur Pitch Nights.

We're making it better too! Global Shapers (co-host of Pitch Nights) opened up for new candidates at the end of the March Pitch night for an opportunity to be part of the World Economic Forum.

Here are a few pictures as we recap the March Pitch Night (link).

Pascal :: TicketIt

A new online ticketing website. Modeling after CompuTicket, this little startup is angling to be the place where tickets are bought and sold in Zimbabwe.

Kuda & team from The Tobacco Tying Machine

This thing is already patented and has a growing sales portfolio. These blokes have it together, are looking to make money, and are also saving tons of trees (96 million if everyone uses their product). This is a valuable little startup and I suggest you watch these boys continue to climb.

George the Genius & His Airtime Vending Machine

In his garage, this mighty man put together a machine that accepts dollar bills (even the shoddy ones we have in our country) and it gives back cell phone airtime! His famous line "The problem with airtime vendors on the road is that they have to go to sleep." His machine doesn't have to. I think Gerald literally used super glue, scrap metal and plaster paste to make his prototype. He now has investors giving him offers.

Next pitch night is on the 24th of April. 6pm the doors open and we’re launching a Mentor Team. If you want to pitch, email your slides to 'pitch at emergingideas dot com' (We have a free template on our site too that might help you).

Follow us on twitter to grab the pre-sign up link. We'll be posting it soon.

(photo via tnash)