Postponing Rio 2016

Postponing Rio 2016

Just the title alone might cause people to panic.

The Rio Olympics 2016's roll-out team has a deadline to hit. The set up costs directly related to the Olympics are $5.6 billion dollars, and the whole world is watching.

Deadlines can't be treated like bad suggestions. Dead Line—get over the finish line or die. That's some form of urban dictionary definition.


It involves thousands of teams. Hundreds of different projects, a Gantt chart that'll make you shiver and a deadline that cannot be moved, no matter what horrendous problems you encounter.

How easily are your deadlines moved? Or more importantly, do you set deadlines that are immovable?


  • Zimbabwe missed the international digitalization deadline (by a long shot). I'm not even sure if they set a new one.
  • South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique and a host of others missed it too.


Why set a deadline? What if we treated Rio 2016 like that? All the athletes arrive and the hub stadium doesn't have electricity yet (because the Brazil Power Company missed their deadline) and the athletes can't have their opening ceremony. TV stations blocked out their week for nothing. Millions of people traveled for nothing.

  • Do you move deadlines often?
  • Why?
  • Do something to stop
  • Consider what's at stake if it's not met (the nation, your reputation, jobs, the morale of people)
  • If you set it, hit it.
  • If your team sets it, see them hit it.

Deadline Missers can't be taken seriously. They lose respect from their work colleagues. Then missing deadlines becomes a habit. Habit becomes culture and then progress becomes foreign.

Sound familiar?

Don’t be a Deadline Misser.

(photo via fraser mummery)