We are business instigators with a network of businesses and relationships in emerging markets that incubate startups and growing SME's—taking an idea with potential and translating it into a tangible opportunity for partners, investors, and markets to understand and grab onto. We utilize six Types of Capital—working with entrepreneurs, startups, and companies to take their ideas from concept to profitability.

1. The Idea

We look for brilliant business ideas that can generate good returns and have a remarkable impact—helping people and creating jobs. We take a raw idea and translate it into an opportunity that is specific and financially promising. We then create a complete map of action steps with detailed “marketing sprints,” and a set execution plan.

The Work: Initial convos, proposal, commitment outline, our famous “brain hurricane.”

2. Opportunity Funnel

Even the best ideas have gaps in their plans. In this stage, we place the idea into our "Opportunity Funnel." We sit down with the team behind the business and go through a relationship capital and opportunities process to identify underlying assets that previously may have been undetected.

Then it’s the "refine time”: bashing the concept into a killer pitch that makes sense to investors and customers. We work on your marketing tool belt and lead with a refined plan into an Action Map. The idea is now an opportunity.

The Work: Opportunity analysis, pitch consult 01, brand communication, 12 step pitch outline begins. Pitch slide deck developed and design begins. Marketing plan discussed and refined. Opportunity clearly able to be communicated.

3. Action Map

The opportunity is then pieced into an Action Map, where deadlines, goals, and tasks are formulated into the REAL execution plan starting tomorrow. Along with the pitch comes the branding, the marketing shove — all pointing the way to the giant X on the map, signifying that the product/service is out to market and loved by the public.

Once the plan is actionable, it's roadshow time: knocking on doors, having coffee with people, and focusing on getting the idea funded (if funding is necessary). The pitch is developed, practiced, sharp, and ready.

The Work: Online landing page under development. Pitch consult 02. Video pitch developed. Opportunity deck created with sales sheets, financials, plan, marketing, and brand solidified. Pitch honed, practiced, and produced. Relationship & network coaching.

4. Relationships

Relationships are key in all stages. But at this point, when everything that was once raw is packaged into the “Emerging Idea,” our network comes into play. We help get the refined idea in front of investors: setting up the opportunity to win, helping to close the deal, and securing the relationships needed to move to the next level. We help build the right relationships that catapult the business.

The Work: We’ll send your company to our network of relationships showcasing you and your best story.

5. The Push

Launching your idea! It’s one thing to pitch, it’s another to expand your idea to the right people and markets, all while presenting your best story. Securing relationships, or expanding the reach of distribution, is pivotal to move forward on the Action Map. As far as funding goes, typically our goal is to introduce you to the right relationships that can get the project to the next stage. We get the pitch in front of investors, potential partners, and help you negotiate terms.

Sticking to the Action Map and using the best pitch gives the refined opportunity the best chance it has to succeed.

The Work: The Push—online splash launched. Phone calls, meetings with interested parties. Pitch performance. Relationships are established, now it’s time to put the idea in the spotlight.

How are we able to do all of this?

We're entrepreneurs too and we've done this before. No matter what stage you're in, we can help you refine the concept and offering of your idea. Or we can help you with an Action Map, idea launch and relationships. You choose.

Do you have an idea?

Along with profitability, the bottom-line is that your idea has to have an impact—whether you're giving back directly or indirectly, one of our focuses is to launch ideas and build communities in southern Africa and the third world. You can give back directly through your Emerging Idea (which is now a business), cash, or in kind. The goal is to build people and their dreams.

There’s a unique spin on the way an idea ignites from a spark in your brain to a viable opportunity. We take those sparks of genius and convert them into sustainable and profitable ventures.

There are three groups of people we work with:

  • Someone with a viable idea that is looking to expand it into an opportunity.
  • Someone who has a business and wants to expand its reach—growing sales.
  • Partners who are looking to invest in the emerging market of Zimbabwe (and the surrounding SADC nations).

To connect with us, fill out our Contact Form and let's get started.

Philanthropic Investment

We believe in something we call "Philanthropic Investment," where investment is used to channel economic sustainability and community growth in third world nations. We are firm believers in impact investing. To read more about our thoughts on how Philanthropy with an ROI works click here.