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  • Project Updates (Q2 2017)

    When the Illegitimate Becomes the Legitimate. This is every day life for a Zimbabwean. The Black Market has become normal. It’s called the Informal Market because it’s not categorized or able to be tracked by the government and its revenue authority. Yet, the Black Market is now how every day...  Read More

  • Project Updates (Q1 2017)

    It’s that time again for our quarterly review. The Swamp of No Boundary. This is what it feels like to live and work in Zimbabwe today. In other words, there are no rules for anyone to trade on, so it makes it impossible to guarantee anything. And doing business with no guarantee is like trying to give a beautifully wrapped...  Read More

  • Project Updates :: 2016 Q4 Annual Review

    Hello from rainy Zimbabwe. This month has been deluge upon deluge of torrential downpour in the nation. It’s an answer to the devastating droughts that have ravaged the soil the past few years. With the rain brings lots of street flooding, mud, and slogging around. It’s a true metaphor of...  Read More