Pucka People

Pucka People

It's for better or worse. It's for richer or poorer. It's not marriage with your spouse, it's a type of marriage with your team. It really is similar, except the babies are projects not toddlers, and the rewards are promotions, fulfillment and raises—not kisses and...

Get the pucka people.

Pucka (or pukka). Definition: absolutely first class and genuine

Some people need a high five...in the face...with a chair.

You can't do epic stuff with basic people. (unknown)

People are the problem (the biggest problem) and they are (or can be) the solution (the best solution).

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, the day gets brighter.

Technology is easy. People are hard.

As Charlie Brown says, "I love mankind, but I can't stand people."

You need a good team. A good team has good people. People always have issues. Issues need solutions, which leaves you. You can choose to be The Leader (which really means you're the servant).

Every person or teammate has issues, but the better ones just deal with it better.

So what people should you look for? People who are good at dealing with issues. In turn they'll be good at dealing with people. AND...the cycle continues.

If they can deal with issues efficiently and quickly, then it's less complication and there’s more progress.

If they deal with issues atrociously and emotionally, then it's more complication and more time wasting.

Precious People. We need each other. And we need people who choose to be pucka the most.

(photo via chris wary)