Put Your People First

Put Your People First

Never workout at a gym where the owner is fat and out of shape. Hello?!

Also never work for a company that cares more about their clients and results than they do their own people.

Broke—destroying internal culture for the sake of productivity and results. It’s a fine balance. Africa can use more productivity and results, but culture should always come first.

  • Foregoing year-end bonuses when you say you’re going to give them is shameful.
  • Firing people on their birthdays. Classless.
  • Telling your top employees not to tell you how to do your job when they’re speaking for an entire department. Maybe you should listen.

Sure, getting excellent results is what makes a business succeed and do amazing things. But if you’re running over your people and smashing them into the ground to produce those results, then forget about it.

That’s not what I’m signing up for and I never want to work for a leader and a company like that.

How about you? What company do you want to work for? Or own?

It’s probably not the one who makes you work until 2am and demands more when you’ve given your all.

It’s the company and culture that has a fine-tuned balance between demanding excellence, but including the entire team in the fruits of your labor.

Incentivize your team first. Make them love coming to work every day. Then give them big, juicy bonuses!

Your coffers and your company will do just fine after that.

Put your people first.

(photo via darren smith)