Questions To Ask With The End In Mind

Questions To Ask With The End In Mind

What does a job well done look like?

This forces you to make it very clear what the end result looks like. It makes expectations clear, team culture relevant to the task at hand, and accountability if the standard is not lived up to.

Why won’t this work?

Even if you've spent tons of time and money invested into a decision, be honest with one another and hear from the smart people you’ve surrounded yourself with. If you’re the only one making decisions, start recruiting better people for your team. You shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room.

Is there anything I can help you with?

This one takes a large dose of humility. It’s also counterculture for many of you. Asked from a sincere and genuine heart, it brings everyone together and creates honest dialogue.

What things should we do differently?

Tough one to ask and listen to. But if you’re brave enough to ask, be brave enough to keep quiet and listen to the answers without offering excuses, rebuttals or immediate solutions.

(photo via icrossing)