Rebrand of CMedia

Rebrand of CMedia

There was a sable at the end of the logo icon. It was in a circle and it stared at us as if it were alive. But, it didn't fit. Our team was huddled around a computer looking at different options of the new brand.

We had gone through a few dismal iterations and a few good ones. We had collaborated with various people and were getting to the end of a beautiful process complete with a battlefield of strong opinions and disagreements.

Dan Hagemann, with his juiced up experience in California designing for Vans, took the anchor design role. Daniel Deuschle, with his artful eye moved around a few elements and added his genuis. Tate, on our local design team, had put over 30 ideas and mood images on the computer that we'd sifted through in the past 2 months to get us to this place.

The Sable. It was still there. Some liked it. Others hated it. And the reasoning to hold onto it came from the deep-seated thought that it would highlight the fact we are in Africa. That reasoning wasn't good enough.

The font style was finally agreed upon. The clean and classy look takes on it own anti-aging treatment. "You want something that lasts and that speaks,” said Danny H. during the process, “everything should just come together."

The collaborative effort across oceans and cities was fun. Skype calls spilled into long chats, ignoring the timezones, to produce something better.

In a country with a depreciating economy, it's easy to let things slide because you see signs of erosion. It's easier to settle for "it works" than to push for "it works very nicely."

It's easy to make decisions in isolation than to pull together a creative troupe where you know there'll be conflicts. What we've found is that getting people with the following attributes on a project does our hearts and the world a lot of good.

  1. Trust.
  2. A Genuine desire to create a better version of what you already have.
  3. Strong Humility. People that don't care about the credit. (But you'll give it to
    them anyway).
  4. And Bold Opinions. People that aren't afraid to disagree or be shut down.

It makes things better. Take one of these out of the equation and it's a story with a bad ending.

Thanks to everyone who helped, contributed and added to the late 2015 and 2016 direction of CMedia Africa!

(photo above is our new cmedia logo via dan hagemann)