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  • Project Updates (Q1 2017)

    It’s that time again for our quarterly review. The Swamp of No Boundary. This is what it feels like to live and work in Zimbabwe today. In other words, there are no rules for anyone to trade on, so it makes it impossible to guarantee anything. And doing business with no guarantee is like trying to give a beautifully wrapped...  Read More

  • Simba Savannah Gives Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs a Roadmap to Investment

    From Local Hustle & Community Meetup To A TV Show. There's no acting, there's no script, there's no pretentiousness. But there is a shared desire to build an economy with innovation and collaboration. Zimbabwe is filled with humor, passion, ideas, and a new desire to build with each other...  Read More

  • Rebrand of CMedia

    There was a sable at the end of the logo icon. It was in a circle and it stared at us as if it were alive. But, it didn't fit. Our team was huddled around a computer looking at different options of the new brand. We had gone through a few dismal iterations and a few good ones. We had collaborated with various...  Read More