Red Tape Rocks

Red Tape Rocks

"There's far too much red tape and not enough red carpet." —Peter Simpson.

"Red Tape has killed more people than bullets.” —Unknown,

Red Tape has a bad wrap, so much so that no one ever thinks of its value.  It's put up to keep you from doing anything. I hear a lot of young fervent disruptors complaining about red tape. 

Here's the thing, there's always red tape.

No matter where you go, or what organization you lead or that you're apart of. The Red Tape won't die. If you cut all the red tape in the world there would be anarchy, unruly citizens and a whole bunch of curiosity that will kill more than cats.

You've got to choose the best kind of red tape and create an organization or a culture that puts the red tape in the right places.

  • Good Red Tape brings rewards.
  • Good Red Tape keeps people from making the same mistakes again and again.
  • Good Red Tape keeps the hazardous areas away from the public.
  • Good Red Tape is clear on what it's protecting.
  • Good Red Tape keeps the crime scene away from people who shouldn't be meddling with it.
  • Good Red tape keeps people from stepping over cliffs.

  • Bad Red tape makes it hard for people to do their job.
  • Bad Red tape covers up things that everyone should know about.
  • Bad Red tape makes it hard for a payment to go through to an agreed outsource party.
  • Bad Red tape forces people to get 7 signatures on one document that's worth $20.

We started restricting our Red Tape.

Red Tape will always be there. Make sure it's in the right place.

photo via (craig sunter)