Relationship then Transaction

Relationship then Transaction

  • Call ahead to Eric at Chase and we close an account in 45 seconds.
  • Call a friend of a friend at ZESA and they come fix the electricity.
  • Car breaks down on the side of the road, we call NQ and he comes with fuel to rescue us.
  • We’re in the middle of a media deal and unsure about the terms, so we call our movie producer friend and she walks us through it.
  • Trying to find info on the geology of the soil for a water project, our friend knows a well-respected geologist and we have the data.

Life is the same in this regard everywhere you go in the world. Things aren't so different when it comes to relationships. Yes, some environments are more conducive to building new things, but having relationships is still the key to unlocking those doors.

And the interesting thing about relationships are they are two way streets. A great relationship isn’t centered around the deal you can get from it. It’s not political. But it’s full of respect, a giving culture, and a mutual benefit.

Today, what are you giving to those around you?

(photo via brian wolfe)