Rules Of The Game

Rules Of The Game

One idea can shift a city, or a nation. Collaborating with ideas and people sets the stage for the best game.

The Rules of the game. You need them to play. The marketplace is a game of strategy and you need rules, otherwise the game doesn’t work.

Many leaders make a big mistake. They try to be both coach and referee in the game.

Who’s your favorite sports coach? If he tried to be the referee too, he’d cut the team to pieces. His entire team would hate him. Your most valuable asset is your people.

The referee is there to ensure safety and that the rules of the game are adhered to. He doesn’t call out any rights. He’s the stiff rule person. But without him, try playing a fair and fun game. It won’t happen. A great referee earns respect from the coaches and players and empowers them to play their greatest game within the confines of the rules. But he’s not on anyone’s side.

The coach is on their players’ side, pushing them to be better. Pushing them to win. And the best coaches have mad respect.

You can’t be the coach and the referee. There’s got to be a distinction. You can't lead your team and keep bringing down the rule hammer. But you need rules to succeed.

So, set up the rules beforehand. Make sure the game is clear and how we’re going to run the game.

Example of rules of the game…

  • Always be energized
  • Participate
  • No Surprises. Over-communicate
  • Clear the clutter
  • Embrace Disagreement
  • No individual heroes
  • Use The Fine Tooth Comb (make sure the details are in place)

If you find yourself working with a team and you keep calling them out on the rules you may be that annoying referee who wants the attention, rather than encouraging and urging the players to greatness within the rules.

And it’s not how you win friends and influence people.

Set up the rules of the game and establish the boundaries and referee culture early. Make the rules clear and as fun as possible. Then take the role of the coach. Inspire, motivate, and lead your team to greatness and much success.

(photo via roanoke college)