Saving Jokes In A Box In A War

Saving Jokes In A Box In A War

There was an article I earmarked on Jerry Seinfeld last year. There were two striking quotes from Seinfeld that etched themselves in my psyche.

While speaking about his routine and how he nails the comedic timing spot on, Seinfeld says:

“If I don’t do a set in two weeks, I feel it,” he said. “I read an article a few years ago that said when you practice a sport a lot, you literally become a broadband: the nerve pathway in your brain contains a lot more information. As soon as you stop practicing, the pathway begins shrinking back down. Reading that changed my life. I used to wonder, Why am I doing these sets, getting on a stage? Don’t I know how to do this already? The answer is no. You must keep doing it. The broadband starts to narrow the moment you stop.”

How would taking this focused and specific approach to your business change the way you do things on a daily basis? Everything is about constantly learning and getting better. Your mind is a broadband. A scientific study was released that said reading regularly empowers the connectivity of your brain. What’re you reading these days?

Then this was compelling:

Seinfeld believes funniness is genetic. When his father, Kalman, was stationed in the Pacific during World War II, he’d transcribe jokes he heard and store them in a box for safekeeping. “In the army, that’s kind of how you got through it,” Seinfeld says. “People would tell jokes by the score, because what else are you going to do to maintain sanity? The recognizing of jokes as precious material: that’s where it starts. If you’ve got the gene, a joke is an amazing thing. It’s something you save in a box in a war.”

How obsessed are you with your craft? The image of a soldier transcribing the best jokes he hears and storing them in a box as he’s transported across the world to fight a war is inspiring. That kind of behavior toward his craft was contagious and eventually passed down to younger generations.

Will your work will be passed on?

Happy New Year everyone! May the work you do and the people you surround yourself with be inspired and catapulted to great success this year.

(photo via theirhistory)