Seeing the Potential in Africa's Video Production World

Seeing the Potential in Africa's Video Production World

What We're Doing to Attract the Best

Is the word Excellence synonymous with Africa? There's strong cases to say that it's not. When you're building a company in the third world and you want the systems, quality, and internal culture to be as good as any company in the first world, you're constantly looking out over the horizon for people who have a global perspective. Someone that breaks through the tree lines, that waves their hands and shouts, "I know what excellence is! I know what it means to be world class. I hate Africa time. I'm trained and I have experience. I'm loyal and I put my team before myself. I know how to motivate, and I'm pretty good looking too."

This is what we look for, but it hardly ever happens. In fact, recruiting people takes time, thought, trial and error. You might get one amazing characteristic in someone, and then one terrible characteristic cancels out the good one.

So we've started to scout early and cast vision for young, energetic, untainted and clear-thinking Zimbabweans. Meet Ben. He’ll be coming onto the Emerging Ideas team in 6 months. He's been studying at Full Sail University—the world’s top entertainment and production school—and getting all the theory to get the degree that will be framed and add some clout.

Through our relationships with Brothers & Company a leading advertising agency specializing in outdoors brands. We helped Ben get a full internship that will throw him in the deep end of production. Brothers & Co (known commonly as BroCo) does work for brands like Remington rifles, Under Armour, Ducks Unlimited, Fidelity Bank, (here’s a great ad they did). Ben will be learning the systems, the work flows, the jokes, how the finance pieces work, and will be fully immersed in a first world, excellent ad agency and production house. His plan is to come back to Harare and work in one of the arms of CMedia— pushing their limits of creativity, execution and excellence.

No, Ben wasn't a guy on the horizon who had it all together, but what Ben did have is a heart to be the best and the guts to step out, commit to learn from the best, and leverage his go-getter spirit to push himself to the brink of his comfort zone. That’s what the best look for—someone humble and willing to learn, who’s not afraid to take bold risks within a framework of success.

We'll be proud to have Ben return to Zimbabwe later this year after his internship with BroCo. A big thanks to Paul Wizikowski for his relationship and friendship and for seeing the potential in Africa's video production world through Cmedia. 

As our growing company Cmedia steps up to rock n' roll its video production capabilities and ideas, we're always looking at how to make the team better.

Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." We're upping our average so that everyone in an Emerging Ideas company constantly gets pressed to be better.

(photo via Car-L)