Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

Where do your answers come from?

  • Yourself?
  • Your team?
  • A guru?
  • A foreign investor?
  • Outside the culture you live in?

Think it through. Do you ever ponder your life or problems? Ever try to find more efficient and effective ways to solve situations in your world? Or are they always someone else’s problems?

You see, world change doesn’t start with the world. That’s a misconception. It actually starts with YOU and me doing what we can do to solve a local problem right next door to us.

  • Did you know that if every Christian couple in Zimbabwe adopted an orphan, there would be no orphan problem in Zimbabwe?
  • Did you know that if every household in Zim paid a private company to collect their refuse, there wouldn’t be rubbish in the streets like there is?

How could we extrapolate this counterintuitive thinking?

  • Road construction
  • Internet penetration
  • Crypto-currency
  • Energy consumption
  • Transport of goods (basic household goods, petrol, tyres, livestock)
  • Agriculture

The list is really endless once you start thinking it through.

So seriously, where do you look for answers?

In Nigeria, millions of people are profiting off of the next guy in line. It’s a cycle of extortion. If those in power can do it to us, why shouldn’t we do it to each other? Read more about that here.

And now, our friends from the East are making it very clear, they’re not interested in Africa to help Africa, they are self-interested (aren’t we all?). Read more about that here.

We can’t find all of our answers externally. We have to solve our local problems. We can find good external examples, for sure. But we need to be cognizant that thinking local, solving local, and building local leads to world change. Think about it.

(photo via shutterrunner)