Shoot It Behind The Barn

Shoot It Behind The Barn

No Pitch Night this month…it’s Christmas, yo! So celebrate with family and we’ll see you in January.

Merry & Happy Christmas to you!


“If you can’t make it work in 36 months, you take it behind the barn and shoot it. It’s a hobby and not a business.” Kevin O’Leary, billionaire venture capitalist and TV star investor on Shark Tank.

This is a tough thing to do. If you’ve ever seen the movie Ole Yeller, you know the tear-jerking scene where they have to put their dog to rest once he contracts rabies. If you haven’t seen it, then here you go!

It’s the same emotional tug and struggle.

"But it’s my baby! I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into this thing. And all of my money.

And all of my family’s money. And my friends.

And my wife said it wouldn’t work and now she’s right."


Shoot the dang thing.

If you’ve spent all that time and money and it’s still crawling along at a snail’s pace, then you’ve got to move onto something else.

Please. Do yourself a favor. And us. And everyone you’re pitching to.

Shoot it behind the barn.

(photo via elliot gilfix)