Show Me. Don’t Tell Me.

Show Me. Don’t Tell Me.

Talk is cheap.

We have a phrase you’ll hear in our hallways daily: Show me.

It’s short for the mantra that’s heard all too often, Show me, don’t tell me. And that phrase can be quite annoying when spewed without regard or true conviction. But we use it in a form of passionate motivation.

Meaning, there’s no reason to tell the world what you plan to do. Do it first, then talk about it later.

The world is filled with entrepreneurs that talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Here’s a free tidbit for you: stop going to networking events if all you plan to do is talk. Stop talking. Start doing. And show me.

Enter this little story about Kraft Mac-n-cheese. They took out all the artificial flavouring, which they should do, but they didn’t talk about it. The fact that they did it and waited for it to be discovered was well played. That’s a true Show Me right there.

What could you do that is worth showing? And then worth allowing your network to discover on their own...

  • “I’ll follow-up with you.” No need to say that, just do it.
  • “I’ll send you that.” Just send it.
  • “I plan to invest.” Just invest.
  • “I’m interested to learn more. Let’s get together for a meeting.” Ask for a time, then show up on time.

We hear these phrases from entrepreneurs all the time:

  • "People will love this." Don’t assume that. Show me how you can prove that.
  • "People will buy this." They probably aren’t if you have to tell me they will. Show me.
  • "People will love our site and use our platform." Maybe, but why don’t you show me?

Telling doesn’t get you very far after the first meeting. But if you’re known for talking less and showing more. Well, then that’s a person who’s going places.

(photo via richard clark)