Simple Chaos

Simple Chaos

Chaos—a redundant term in Africa. People don't even point it out anymore. They just roll with it. But not everyone rolls the right way.

Not too long ago, I was waiting for a time in my life when everything was working out. Where there were no difficulties:

  • No economic issues.
  • Zero issues with the tax man.
  • Liquidity flowing like the Nile River.
  • Customer service that treats me like a king.
  • A life where stress didn't exist.
  • And where there was a smooth road with no obstacles ahead.

Then I realized that the stress, the difficulties and the obstacles were my life. If only I could master the hard times, then what a good feeling that’ll be. But this is false and only exists in fiction novels. You’ll never master them.

Against what you might think, it's supposed to be chaotic. It should be out of place, and it should be disorganized.

There are three things that look bad, but are actually super foods for your evolving career.

#1: Disagreement. It’s a good thing.

Welcome disagreement into your world. You need it every day. If there's no disagreement, you're being lied to by your close-knit team. No one is always right and there's never one way to do something. Disagreement forces you to become better and think through ideas.

It's not wrong to disagree, but it's wrong to stay at the point of disagreement. At some point, there should be a clear "best way" for the moment.

#2: Chaos is good for strategy.

Every new idea starts off with chaos. As Mary Shelley put it, “Invention, it must be humbly admitted, and it does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.”

Chaos crushes blandness. It sparks the genius inside you. Chaos is good, but at some point the chaos must morph into a simple strategy. It can't remain chaotic forever.

#3: Stress can be very good.

Stress adds splashes of color and emotion to your inabilities and insecurities. A stress free world would look like a 1996 Toyota Corolla. Safe and steady aren't what blockbuster movies are made of. Stress will create something brand new in your resolve if you let it. Doctors have said that it actually gives you brain power. It puts you in places you would never put yourself.

Welcome the stress. Find the simple strategy in the chaos and see the next disagreement as a way to be better.

(photo via edward zulawski)