Solving Problems

Solving Problems

Customers that buy have 58% more objections than potential customers who don’t. Learn to appreciate objections as they provide opportunities to solve customer problems.

It’s all in how you look at it. You can welcome questions and think of great ways to answer those questions while also pre-empting even more questions.

Or you can get irritated with the questioning and view it as pestering, badgering, and annoying.

One of the best salesmen I ever met was brilliant at answering questions. But he would go even further in his answers. He would give more information to the future customer that they were already thinking of.

So his answers had a rhythm and pattern to them like this:

“You’re asking about the longevity of the product here. Let me answer this for you by explaining our manufacturing process because I think that’ll also answer some questions you may also be thinking of…”

Then after that he would walk them through the guarantees and how the product and solution would be installed.

He viewed the questions as an exciting potential to get to know a new friend and solve one or more of their problems.

According to Impact Communications, 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems and 30% make decisions to gain something.

Remember, objections are opportunities to earn and build new relationships.

Learn to welcome people’s problems and objections and then solve them with your product, service, and mission.

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(photo via nathan rupert)