Stability Soup

Stability Soup

Let's be stable. It's a good thing. All people want and need stability. But stability can quickly grow into a swamp of stagnation, or stability soup, if it's not heated up, spiced up, and served with some breadsticks.

The Confident Leader says let's not play it safe, but let's keep innovating and change it up.
The Reserved Leader says it's worked since 1992, let's have it work again. Pass me a spoon.

It's easy for corporations to become the soup because it's harder to change things fast. And even young companies can hold to their guns to their own demise.

Core values are king, but strategy should be flexible. (sidenote on core values: because you posted them on your wall doesn’t mean anything. Actually live by them, then they become core.)

Be a big company, even if you're small, but don't allow stagnation. Here's the difference:

Example of stagnation:

  • Same marketing ideas, repetitive strategy
  • Same operational structure
  • Outdated technology trying to be young
  • Redundant processes
  • Tired people

Examples of stability:

  • Good corporate culture
  • Strong timeless values
  • New tech, new processes and ideas (for example, Telecel the big corporate has sponsored Pitch Nights in Zimbabwe. They changed it up.)
  • Keep simplifying
  • Challenged people

People only like soup on cold days. Otherwise the soup is only the starter and the main course is something a little more interesting.

Don't serve stagnation.

(photo via nickimm)