Start A Shipping Company

Start A Shipping Company

There comes a point in the life cycle of a project when you just have to bite the bullet. It can be frightening and it’s definitely a questioning time.

  • Did we do everything we could to make this perfect?
  • Is the homepage the right color?
  • Are we even sure if this is a good idea or not?

The questions never seem to end.

That’s when we start our shipping company. Call it what you want, but we literally have a shipping company. It’s not logistics in terms of DHL or FedEx, but we ship and we ship consistently and efficiently.

You can be the best graphic designer who comes up with amazing brands and concepts, but if all you have is a portfolio of unseen ideas, it’s fun to look at, but that’s all you do. (I’m imagining a little cartoon character sheepishly glancing over the top of the fence with big googley eyes).

You can have the greatest napkin sketches, and I have friends who literally have a filing cabinet of these sketches. And they keep having more—I’ve stopped listening to most of their ideas, because they never see the light of day.

What do you want to be known for? Do you want to have perfect ideas that are polished and sit in a secret folder on your hard drive?

Or do you want to be the CEO of a shipping company and live the adventure of the quest between success and failure?

One is an entrepreneur. The other is an inventor. Both are important, but the risk of shipping is what takes an idea to the next level.

Ship more. It’s scary, like when Captain Phillips got hijacked by Somali pirates. And sometimes you have to throw things overboard (like Jonah). But overall, shipping your idea is more fulfilling and a lot more fun.

When you ship, you also learn. You learn about everything from what coffee your clients like to what people really like to buy (sometimes it’s your product). If you fall in love with shipping and learning, your idea is refined. Eventually, those ideas start to arrive at their destination.

Start a shipping company.

P.S. Tom Hanks was in two famous shipping movies, Captain Phillips and Cast Away. Both were pretty decent and you wouldn’t have seen either one of them if they didn’t ship them to the big screens.

(photo via olga)