Stones and Knives, Joules and Tools

Stones and Knives, Joules and Tools

The first tool in the world was a stone. It was used by cavemen and others for everything. Need to crush corn? Use a rock. Need to cut vegetables? Use a rock. Need to pound something? Use a big rock.

The rock was the universal tool, but then something changed.

"How can we make this better?" asked someone back in the day.

Then the first real tool was made. It was a knife and it was formed over 25,000 years ago. It was basically a sharper rock. Then, someone made the rock even sharper. Then, a bloke forged metal, sharpened one side, and put a handle on it. Then, the miracle knives were made. Then, the infomercial knives started being sold on the QVC channel, and so on...

Imagine if we didn't adapt our tools, so today when we needed to hammer a nail into the wall, we went outside and found a rock to do it.

How much unnecessary energy would that take?

Imagine building a house with a rock as your only tool and nothing else.

Way to many Joules used. Today we have so many refined tools to do exactly what we've set out to achieve. Each task has a tool that matches it. They've been refined and refined again to make work easier and simpler.

What sort of tools are our employees and teammates using when it comes to promoting, managing, or operating the company?

So many people have tried to sell, inform, illustrate, and excite me using a 3-page flier. One tool to do everything.

How long have we been using the same tools without refining them? Many of us are using sharpened rocks and wondering why our employees are struggling to rock it. Their hands are sore, they’re tired, and frustrated.

Take stock of the tools you have—refine them, improve them, or replace them all together. Get new ones and load the team with miracle knives.

  • If it's a website that doesn't interact, then refine the tool.
  • If it's a flyer that's outdated, then re-do it.
  • If it's a video that was done in the 90’s (or looks like it has been), you need might need a new one.
  • If it's an internal procedure that can be made simpler change it.

We can always make better tools.

Yesterday I got my hair cut by someone who was raving about their new pair of state-of-the-art, technologically designed, and sexy curved scissors.  The curved scissors made it so much easier to texturize hair. It’s a new tool in her craft. Who knew scissors could get any better?

(photo via lachlan donald)