'Take Me Home' Album Launched For Zimbabwean Orphans

'Take Me Home' Album Launched For Zimbabwean Orphans

Happy New Year! This is going to be your best year yet. As you may know about us, we are huge proponents of using your talents and skills to impact and sustain your local community. This is paramount to seeing transformation in any part of society.

Businesses hold many keys to economic empowerment. They should be run for profit and as they grow in success and profits, those benefits should be spun off into philanthropic investment into the local community.

So it's only fitting as we enter a new year, that we share with you something that's close to our hearts. It's called Project Relocation. It's applying startup, scalable thinking to orphan care in Harare, Zimbabwe.

There's an estimated 1 million orphans in Zimbabwe currently—that's nearly 9% of the population. Imagine never knowing where you came from or who your parents are.

Our co-founder, Tommy Deuschle and his band Celebrate Young have launched a 4-song music album to raise support for these children.

Here's how we'd like for you to get involved:

  1. Please visit this page on celebrate.org.
  2. Watch the music video.
  3. Download the album on iTunes. It's only $4—who knew making a difference could be so simple!
  4. Then share this story with your friends via email and your social accounts.

It's a scientific fact that when you help others, it benefits you mentally, emotionally, and even physically (release of giving endorphins). So start you New Year right by helping others and in turn setting the course for 2016 on a fantastic trajectory.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!