Talk To Your Customers

Talk To Your Customers

Conduct research by getting out of the office and talking to the people you plan to serve.

  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Ask more
  • Listen more

You should begin to see some of the answers and conversations (data) line up. That’ll lead you to common answers and a consensus.

You can use this technique for nailing down all sorts of facets of your business:

  • Prices—would you buy this for $10? (If they say “yes,” then attempt to make the sale right then and there and see if they’re being honest).
  • Products—what do you think about this? Hand them your product, show them your app, etc. Then watch how they interact and if they want to buy it.
  • Menu items—try out new menu design and watch your customers interact with it. Give them food samples and have them rate their favorites.
  • Distribution strategy—where are your customers shopping and why.
  • Sticky Factor—can your customer explain your business (or product, app, widget) to their friends. Ask them to and see what happens.

Too many entrepreneurs sit in their offices and forget to actually go talk to their customers. It’s basic, but it’s one of the most effective things you an do. Big or small, this technique gets results if you’ll ask the right questions and listen.

(photo via william murphy)