Tech vs Business

Tech vs Business

"There's way too much hype on the technologies and not enough attention on the real businesses behind them.” via Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and billionaire investor on Shark Tank.

Pay more attention to the businesses and the people, and you'll bypass a lot of the white noise the products make. You need both tech and business for a success story.

Here are a few things technology will get you:

  • Attention
  • A quick start into the market
  • Initial round of fundraising

But you better turn that attention and use the funds to give your technology the backbone of business fast. Technology progresses the way of doing things down the road, but it’s the business backbone that builds the road and makes it accessible and usable to your end-user.

Tech is great. It’s important. But stop putting 95% of your effort and energy into how amazing your tech is. It takes an awesome business to make new tech viable.

(photo via chris bird)