Techie Beggars

Techie Beggars

The technology driven beggar

Beggars on every street are suffering. Not just because they don't have jobs, but because now the country is moving to paperless. So the beggars are side swiped.

They need point of sale (POS) machines or ecocash.

Imagine wiring money or swiping a POS or Square machine to donate to a beggar. It's either that, or the people getting their income from loose change in vehicles will be forced to find something else to do...

Imagine an NGO that focused on helping beggars beg efficiently.

No cash? No problem! We've got a machine that accepts donations right here.

I wonder if that's a worthy cause…

Would you give to a beggar who has made it simpler to give to him through technology?

If everything goes electronic, what do beggars do? There's an estimated 1.6 million street children and beggars on the streets of Zimbabwe and they are feeling the cash crunch.

It's funny, but then it's not. I get stopped at every street corner and I'm giving less than I used to because I have less physical cash on me.

They've got to be feeling the crunch. And because of the economy, the beggars aren't going away, so what's the next step?

(photo via amisom)