Telecel Boldly Telling Zimbabwe's Story

Telecel Boldly Telling Zimbabwe's Story

Starting a business in Zimbabwe is not the easy road.

Forging and crafting something out of nothing is something the Zimbabwean entrepreneur knows very well.

If you live and work here, you know what it’s like to have a dream held together by strings of faith, hope and possibility.

Of course it’s difficult...

But, the only things that are valuable are the things that are scarce. Collaboration. Belief in one another. Changing culture and building a nation is not easy, but it’s an exciting time in Zimbabwe and Telecel is making a difference.

And in this collaboration project, we collectively chose to tell the best story. Our CMedia team collided with their spunky marketing personalities and this is what happened. Telecel was brave enough to venture into the realms of all-positive but all-realistic and tell the Zimbabwe story like it hasn’t quite been told before.

It’s about everyone working together and that’s what we believe in.

These giants are friends to the local startups with their funding of Pitch Nights and are at the forefront of embracing collaboration, working together, and spreading the word about the Zimbabwe that we all know and love.

Watch the video below and please #tellsomeone:

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(photo via trung nguyen)