Telecel Sponsors Pitch Night

Telecel Sponsors Pitch Night

Pictures tell more than words, especially when it comes to February's Pitch Night. So if you don't want to read this short post. Just skim the pics below. Our team on the ground in Zimbabwe teamed up with the local cutting edge mobile network, Telecel and we might have to find a bigger venue.

Just a very small history lesson: Harare Pitch Nights started as a GEW (November 2013) initiative to simply showcase a few bright entrepreneurs and their ideas, and give the start-up community a chance to contribute, support, and validate the ideas of these trendsetters. After the event in 2013, the newly found members of Pitch Night didn't let us stop. Infected by collaboration and ideas, they threatened to riot if we did. So the event became a monthly affair.

At this month’s event, Tee Kay from ZiFM talked about his hustle on the streets of Joburg selling toys that didn't work and how his 3 years of hustle (with no pay) turned him into a necessary piece of the puzzle when it comes to the radio and his company Big Productions.

Takunda from SaiSai Wireless (winners of Demo Africa), talked about their start, their pivot, and their activities in fundraising. These guys have done it right. It started off as an idea to get internet in public taxis and has grown into something much bigger. Follow them on Twitter @saisaizw for more updates.

The Mobi Store, a version of iTunes for Africa, was presented by Robert from Astro Technologies. A few good feedback points added to the thought box of Mobi store and we'll possibly see a few big things on local music, book and film sales from this well backed start-up.

MandyFlora won hearts. Presented by Costa with the tagline “Any Day Can Be Valentines Day.” This new start-up is already getting traction. Online deliveries of personalized gifts and products with a payment system that actually works. Pitch Night host Tommy Deuschle actually admitted that MandyFlora saved his bacon on Valentines day. Check them out at

Here's a recap video on YouTube.

Next Pitch night is 26 of March. Stay tuned for the RSVP link and details.

Now for some pics! Click here to view them on our FB Page.