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  • The Color of Money

    Money has a color (and it's not racist). "There's some money you never want to take.” I was told this by a well-seasoned investment banker who's done everything from coal mine deals in Africa to New York stock exchange maneuvers. It stuck with me...  Read More

  • Create A Compelling And Exciting Vision

    "Money follows a compelling and exciting vision. You must know your net worth and find a way to build the ideas that are bigger than you.” We probably should end this entry right here. Enough said...  Read More

  • Emotional Investing

    I’ve heard it over and over... "If you would have bought it right here, then you would have made X…" Then there’s... "Well, with our standard deviation you would have bought this until you reached 40 points up, then you would sell it right here for a 100X gain." Let’s get something straight...  Read More