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  • The Truth About Focus Groups

    When you hand select the people in the room—is it really a valid sample? When the focus group is on “entrepreneurship in our city” and there’s only actually 1 person in the room who owns a business… The excuse, “Well we invited people with companies, but they were too busy running their companies…” The focus group...  Read More

  • How Do You Define Dirt?

    If you grew up in a mud hut, how do you define what dirt is? A short 7 years ago in Zimbabwe, you couldn't buy bread in the supermarket, but you could in the streets and alleys—like drugs. People would burn money and then other people would pay with the same burned bills. When you have a $100 Trillion dollar note...  Read More

  • The Basement: How We Built The First Modern Youth Hall In Zimbabwe With No Initial Dollars

    Last year, our team was asked to fundraise and manage a new youth hall building project with a budget of zero. We're proponents for bootstrapping your start-up, but this was the ultimate. It's one thing to be able to lead people when you have money, but it's a completely different ballgame when all you have is vision and a few cokes...  Read More