The Biggest Weight

The Biggest Weight

"If he's involved, I’m not interested,” she says as she writes on a notepad quickly.

I could feel the intensity simmering as she spoke on the phone. I was just dropping in, minding my own business.

Reputation holds the biggest weight. Whatever deal she was referring to, it wasn't happening because of the reputation of that man on the other side.

Whether it was

  • shoddy service
  • a bad phone call
  • a disrespectful attitude
  • a sarcastic sexist joke
  • a bag of lies
  • or bad body odor

It doesn't matter—the possibility for a good reputation is gone, or at least a long way from getting back to neutral.

You can build a reputation for yourself and your brand for a lifetime and you can lose it in an instant. Be smart with how you treat the lady on the other side of the deal.

(photo via daniel lee)