The Bond Note IS The US Dollar

The Bond Note IS The US Dollar

  • "It's crazy!"
  • “We're not sure what's going on."
  • “Somehow we'll get through (the ever optimistic citizen)."
  • "At least there's rain."
  • "Maybe things will change in 2018 (the long term thinker)."
  • “Nothing works."

These statements ring like bells all day on the hour every hour. In kombis, dinner tables, companies, coffee stops and the like. Then you have the banking scenario which completely doesn't make sense.

The banks really believe that the Bond Note is the US Dollar. Not like it. Not just one to one, but that the Bond Note in fact is blood to the US Dollar. That it's the same thing just in a different skin.

I withdrew $100 bond notes yesterday from a bank. ($2 dollar crips pile)

On the withdrawal you must write down the currency you are withdrawing. So I assumed out loud "I'm withdrawing bond notes correct? That's what I write?"

"NO. She retorted. You must tick the US dollar box."

She wasn't joking. "But I"m not receiving US dollars. It's Zimbabwe bond notes."

"They are one in the same thing and so you must tick the US box on the withdrawal slip."

There you have it. The Bond IS the US dollar according the financial institutions. What a world we live in.

(photo via zimbabwe mail)