The Caring Side Of Customer Service

The Caring Side Of Customer Service

The Ritz-Carlton 4 Seasons hotel consistently has won best hotel in the USA. Their secret? They hire for attitude. Oprah stays in the penthouse in their Chicago property.

There’s a statistic floating out there (I’m not going to look it up because then I would have to stop writing this) that by the time you’re 20 you either care, or you don’t care, and that’s a fact.

So do you care?

I stayed at the 4 Seasons in Chicago. When I put my shoes out in the hallway to have them buffed, the hotel staff stuffed my shoes with dollar bills! They have a policy—never say no and always give your customers options.

The Disney Company says it this way, do what you do so well that when customers come, they only leave to go grab a few more friends to show them how well you’ve done.

Have you ever experienced great customer service? Once you do, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

 And for the record, customer service is not:

  • Getting a secretary at the sales desk to look good.
  • Putting a hotline number.
  • We cannot add chicken to a greek salad.
  • Smiling nonstop when your customer is upset.
  • Thanking me for your business when I have a problem I need you to solve.

It’s harder to win over a new customer then to keep an old one. And because of that customer service is king.

Treat your customers like your girlfriends. Let your team know that their paycheck doesn’t come from the boss, it comes from your customers.

Have a back up plan when things go wrong. Because things always go wrong.

You’re doing customer service all of the time. It just might not be how you planned it.

(photo via lynn)