The Connection Point

The Connection Point

“You may come anytime, but you can't come when I'm busy…” Dr. Peter Chikumba, CEO of Celebrate International.

  • “Let’s get together and connect.”
  • “Let’s have coffee…tea…or whatever your hot beverage of choice is…or even we could do cold beverages…or no beverages…let’s catch up!”
  • “I’d like to share with you what I’m up to.”
  • “Kindly advise on a good time for an appointment.”
  • “I would like to see you…it is very important.”

Everyone is vying for your time, your mental bandwidth, your energy, and your ideas. Guard it, value it, don’t gift just anyone with your expertise. Rather, avoid meetings and seek to build relationships based on character, track record, introductions and recommendations, and serendipity.

Try this next time someone wants to “Just connect.”

Them: “Let’s get together and connect…”

You: “Is there something I can directly help you with? What would you like to connect about?”

Them: “Uh, yes why actually I was thinking that you may be able to partner with me on this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime venture.”

You: “Hm, interesting. Tell you what, if you’ll send me an executive summary of your idea and business plan, I’ll be happy to take a look over email. If it’s something that fits, then maybe we can get together and connect at that time.”

Dr. Chikumba’s quote is meant to be humorous, but it holds very valuable truth for those looking to “just connect.” Put the ball back in their court, if they want to desperately connect, encourage them to be clear on what they want to connect about, then “come anytime, just not when I’m busy.”

Avoid meetings, but if you must have them, be sure there’s a pre-set agenda and goal of the meeting. A goal-less meeting is like watching a sporting event with no way to win the match. It’s boring, and you’d never watch that sport again.

(photo via leo reynolds)