The Daily Success of Making Someone Else Happy

The Daily Success of Making Someone Else Happy

"When you close your eyes at night, what’s important? You’ve spent the day taking risks. You’ve made some people very happy. Each day, that’s my challenge.” Alain Passard (spoken on episode 1 of Chefs Table France)

There’s a famous restaurant in Paris, France called Arpège. They have 3 Michelin Stars. 1 star is an incredible feat, but 3 is unheard of. Yet at this restaurant, they have no written recipes, no duplication of what ingredients they acquire each day.

They receive what is available from their gardens in the countryside, then they create the menu around the delivered ingredients.

The owner and well-known chef behind Arpège says, "I want things to continue to evolve because, without that, there’s nothing…I have chills every day because sometimes I’m afraid. Am I going to find that recipe?"

In a matter of mere seconds, they must deliver a 3-star quality menu each and every night.

As the opening quote outlines:

  1. Taking Risks
  2. Making your customers happy.

Each day that you’re in business, that’s your challenge. Are you up for it?

(photo via jan buchholtz)