The Devon Factor

The Devon Factor

Imagine if you could start at a company as an intern and in 18 months be pitching to the biggest CEOs in the major industries of your nation.

How would you go about implementing such a meteoric strategy of success?

We’ve coined this meteoric rise The Devon Factor. And yes, it’s named for one of the guys on our team.

From Intern to Indispensable

An unassuming 19 year old started as an intern. Here’s a list of a few things that set him apart immediately:

  • His work ethic. He stayed late, came early, worked nights and weekends.
  • The tenacity to learn something as fast and as best as he could. He googled, he asked questions, he shadowed and sat in on meetings and workshops.
  • His attention to detail. He’s focused and doesn’t miss the little things.
  • Great attitude—always smiling and saying “This can be done.”
  • He fit the culture of our company. And he began adding to the team by making those around him even better.
  • Listens first. Asks lots of questions.
  • No is not in his vocabulary.

He was great to have around. And by proxy, he learned how we craft and pitch our media business. Within a year, he was able to communicate it just like us. And 6 months after that, he’s become quite adept at selling the company’s offerings and media packages.

Then he went to the USA to the largest media conference in the world and presented our company. Because he works hard, fits our culture, and is always willing to listen and learn.

Just like that and an intern went from new guy on the block to an integral and valuable part of our team.

Can your team see themselves operating with you on it?

You may want to review the Devon Factor list again and implement a few of those into your culture.

Accelerated growth via relationships & personal culture. That’s the Devon Factor.

(photo via dirk dallas)