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  • The Worst Video Ever

    Not only did they indicate that it's the worst video they'd ever seen, but the Marketing Chief said, "This is the worst day of my life because of this video." I could see the director of the short story clenching his fists and holding back...  Read More

  • Communication Protocol (AKA Keeping Comms High)

    80% of workflow communication does not need an immediate response. If you work in a traditional office setting, think about how many interruptions you have to navigate on a daily basis. And there’s very little triage of the requests. In other words, “Hey you want a coffee?”...  Read More

  • Winning Lost Customers

    I was lost. Completely lost. My business meeting was cancelled 12 hours prior. My flights delayed. And I’d never been to Disney World so I just wanted to drive up and see it. I took a turn into an empty parking lot. It seemed there had been activity just a few...  Read More