The Giving Equation

The Giving Equation

It’s counterintuitive to give something away. It never makes sense.

Prior to the Give, there’s always an internal struggle and dialog. This is worth too much. Why am I doing this? Is this the right thing to do?

The cool thing is, Giving reciprocates to the Giver immediately. It’s scientifically proven that Givers are happier, more fulfilled and enjoy life more.

Giving to get is not the equation we’re talking about here. Giving because you care and you want the person on the other side of the gift to feel great and have an awesome day is the goal.

That’s a true gift.

When U2 gave away their 13th album, Songs of Innocence to anyone who wanted it, people thought they were crazy. They literally gave it away over 500 million times. It became the most widely released album in history. 81 million people downloaded it in the first month. They gave because they like their music and thought other people would too.

How can you give more?

Think about it in your daily life, in your business, at your office, in the streets, at home with your family?

Giving hurts sometimes, but I’ve never found it to end poorly for either side.

(photo via kami rao)