The Grind Growing a Business

The Grind Growing a Business

  • Everything feels like it’s going to explode at one time.
  • Tasks, emails, to-dos, and deadlines are all piling up.
  • You feel responsible to pay your personal bills, as well as the responsibility to make this work for your team, your investors, and your clients.

  • Your phone dies in the middle of the day.
  • Your coffee mug is in constant need of a refill.
  • You consider topping up airtime even when you don’t need to—that’s how fast you use it.
  • Hustle is no longer something you dream of. You’re always hustling.

  • Skipping lunch is not even a second thought anymore.
  • If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t happen.
  • Business cards are the currency of your interactions. #papercuts

When growing a small business, you’ve got to stay focused on what matters each hour of your day (& night). You have to take a deep breath, stay calm and make consistent, level-headed decisions that are right for your company.

Sometimes you skip lunch and when you do have it, it’s with the responsibility of the organization at the table. Keep and cultivate that healthy fear and respect of the great responsibility you’ve been given. Harnessing it keeps your daily priorities in check.

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