The Intersection of Understanding

The Intersection of Understanding

"The sale of the first GoPro camera didn’t begin when the customer walked through the retailer’s door. It didn’t even begin with the huddle of engineers in the tiny innovation department at the factory. The first sale began in the lineup, as the surfers waited to catch a wave.” [HT Bernadette Jiwa]

When was the last time you sat and listened to your customer? Have you asked a non-biased opinion about the new product you’re developing?

As entrepreneurs, we get an idea, love the idea, then run with the idea. Then, we wonder why things aren’t exploding and our product flying off the shelves.

The best brands, products, and companies insert a step that you might be missing. It’s called the intersection of understanding where they dive deeply into discovering what their customers really want and what the current market offering is lacking.

So before you jump into explaining your process, how you install your system, the benefits of working with you, etc… You may want to stop, ask the right questions, and listen—not selectively, but genuinely listen to what your future customer is saying.

Because “sales and marketing are less about persuasion and more about understanding.”

If you want a bit more info on what to avoid when selling, here’s a great article (HT to Mark Deuschle for sharing).

(photo via wunkai wang)