The Lie Of A Gentle Reminder

The Lie Of A Gentle Reminder

Puppies are gentle. So is a lamb.

Gentle means tender, peaceful and non-threatening. The Gentle Reminders people refer to are so gentle and passive in nature that they'll make someone want to stroke the email instead of do anything with it.

Business is not gentle. It's shrewd, it's candid, it's straight forward and it's honest. It's win-win, it's a jungle, it's a job creator. It is NOT gentle.

If it's important enough to communicate with someone, then it's important they understand what's at stake. This is an opportunity to connect, to feel valued and to give value.

If nothing is at stake, then gentle is the correct word choice.

But for highly active people who are movers and shakers, the word gentle is the word nothing.

So gentle reminders are for teas and picnics by the lake. Not for changing the world.

Stop gently reminding. Stop trying to have a gentle understanding. And stop gently trying to change the world.

Be bold.

(photo via matthew kirkland)