The Most Prestigious Job

The Most Prestigious Job

Life is all about perspective.

For my friends in the USA, one of the worst jobs you can think of is being a garbage man. I mean, he handles other people’s trash all day, every day, for a living.

Talk about taking everyone’s crap.

For my friends in Africa, your gardener does this and burns the rubbish pile every month. Or many times, no one collects your rubbish. So where do you put it?

But think about this, if you didn’t have a trash man, in less than a month’s time, your entire side yard would be filled with nastiness and decay. Enter rodents, insects, bacteria, and a nasty smell.


The trash man is a terrible job.

But actually when he doesn’t show up for weeks on end, it’s one of the more valuable jobs in society.

Waste Management prevents all sorts of problems:

  • Corrupting the nearby water supply
  • Erroneous smells wafting through the air
  • Keeping your neighborhood clean and tidy
  • Rodent and insect avoidance

If you don't have a trash man—it changes everything.

This exercise we’ve just walked through above is exactly what’s needed when you’re selling your services to ideal customers. Otherwise, you’re just another rubbish collector.

But if you help them see that without you, their life is full of crap, terrible smells, and unwanted rodent visitors, that’s shifting perspective and solving a major problem in someone’s life.

Next time you see your trash man, smile, say hello, and maybe slip them a few extra bucks if you can afford it.

And if your city is full of rubbish and no one’s collecting, perhaps, with this new perspective, here’s a new business opportunity.

Insert cliche: one man’s trash...

(photo via boston public library)