The Next Billion

The Next Billion

The next billion—design your business around smartphone users in the emerging world.

"For the first time ever, in 2013 smartphones outsold feature phones, and the dean of Silicon Valley tech investing, Marc Andreessen, says that within three years you simply won’t be able to buy a non-smartphone.” (source)

This year, 2014, smartphone adoption is exploding in emerging markets. We are seeing a huge increase in mobile app conversations with entrepreneurs in southern Africa, as well as development teams and companies cranking out concepts left and right for this increasing market segment.

It’s safe to say, you need to be thinking about this next billion who are gaining access to internet, if you aren’t already. The entrepreneurs who design their businesses around these segments will be well on their way to reaching a previously untapped niche.

Over the past twenty years, wireless technologies and the Internet have become ubiquitous, affordable, and available to almost everyone. Africa has skipped a technological generation, by-passing the landlines that stripe our Western skies for the wireless way. Mobile phone penetration is growing exponentially, from 2 percent in 2000, to 28 percent in 2009, to an expected 70 percent in 2013. Already folks with no education and little to eat have gained access to cellular connectivity unheard of just thirty years ago. Right now a Masai warrior with a cell phone has better mobile phone capabilities than the president of the United States did twenty-five years ago. And if he’s on a smartphone with access to Google, then he has better access to information than the president did just fifteen years ago. By the end of 2013, the vast majority of humanity will be caught in this same World Wide Web of instantaneous, low-cost communications and information. (Quote from Abundance by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler)

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