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  • The Color of Money

    Money has a color (and it's not racist). "There's some money you never want to take.” I was told this by a well-seasoned investment banker who's done everything from coal mine deals in Africa to New York stock exchange maneuvers. It stuck with me...  Read More

  • Invest in the Doldrums

    The best time to buy a stock is in the valley, just before the boom. The best time to buy a home is when no one else is buying. The best time to invest in yourself is when you feel crappy and worthless. And the best time to start your idea is when your competition laughs at you. You can buy...  Read More

  • Serious

    A well-known Zimbabwean businessman and friend of ours told us a fascinating story recently. One of his good friends had the pleasure of attending a summit by the United Nations while Henry Kissinger was presenting. Kissinger talked about...  Read More