The Owner Mindset

The Owner Mindset

The best business owners have a different mindset than most. They own the show and the results. Anyone can start something, but to sustain it and have the best people want to work for you, that’s when you know the owner is onto something.

A friend of mine is the general manager of a car lot. Never in a million years did he think he’d be selling cars. But he said he did it because the owner made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and that the owner told him from day 1 on the job, “My goal is to be your best employee."

The owner wants his people to feel so valued, so respected, so honored, that he submits himself to their leadership on day-to-day decisions. That’s trust. And that’s an incredible mindset.

Owner’s leave things better than they found them. I’ve seen the best owners grab a towel and clean up a spill on their hands and knees. I’ve seen the best owners work an employee’s weekend shift to give them a day off. A great owner goes the extra mile.

My friend is one of the hardest working, most consistent, and thoughtful people I know. That’s why I think he got such a great gig with a great owner. Because the best owners can see the best people and attract them to their business.

You may be saying to yourself, “I’ve never met anyone like that? My boss is nothing like that…" (or if you’re the owner, I’m nothing like that). Try improving yourself 1% each day on becoming the type of person a rockstar owner would go after. Or, if you’re already running the show, then make a few mindset tweaks, sit your team down and vision cast about your role, then start living it.

The best owners influence their best people not by telling them what to do, but by showing them.

(photo via piotr)