The Tension Of The High Wire

The Tension Of The High Wire

The tension of the high wire requires great skill or judgement. Metaphorically speaking, when you’re venturing out into the world it’s like you're walking across the high rope. To stand on the high wire is an accomplishment in itself.

Something interesting happens as you take a few steps out into the space between. Gravity forces your body down toward the ground, the wind gusts in the air, and the suspension of the wire causes tension—a natural pushback against your tightrope walking act.

Dan Barber, one of the most innovative chef’s of the modern era and pioneer of farm-to-table cooking, said it like this, "If you’re not about to fall, you’re not really working hard to change something. Failure is important. It introduces you to an idea that you don’t ever want to return to."

It’s rare that someone’s first restaurant concept is the winning idea.

Or that someone’s first business becomes a multi-generational brand.

It takes the tension of the high wire to remind us that we’re fallible and that idea generation is a gift. Cherish that gift and embrace the tension. But remember to use judgement when balancing on your tightrope.

(photo via paschal bohme)