The Tightrope Of Genius

The Tightrope Of Genius

1890 Aerialist Samuel Dixon Crossing Niagara Falls

Our elephants of genius walk the tightropes of success over the valleys of dismal failure.

The king bloggers, like James Altucher and Seth Godin (people that inspire me), have stated when they post something new there's a splinter of uncertainty to making their thoughts public. "Should I really be posting this?" All of our bright ideas have a degree of uncertainty to them. The "Idiot Badge" is always nearby ready to be pinned onto our jacket if an idea fails.

Think about the Chinese tight rope walker Adil Hoshur, who just set the world record for tight rope walking 350m above the Dehang canyon across a 1,400 meter long wire. He achieved genius status and a massive hand clap from the world. But if a gust of wind had toppled him over, the greatness would have been replaced by the label of "idiotic."

The famous artist Van Gogh was a genius, but also an idiot in many third party opinions (cutting off your ear rates pretty high on the idiot scale apparently). The worst thing is to be "passive" or "completely normal." Painting your house the color gray is boring. Normal is so far from genius that it's better to be an outlier hanging off the edge of the curve, than settling for the morass of normal in the middle.

When someone says, "You're an idiot," consider the parade of people who've had that label, but then flipped into genius. Idiocy and ridiculous lie so close to genius.

Last thing, the only thing worse than the "Idiot Badge" is the "Nothing Badge." Shipping trumps all.


As you're setting your New Years goals, resolutions, or would be nice's, push yourself to the brink of "Should I ship this?" "Should I really attempt this?"

Only set goals that are really worth accomplishing. Making $5,000 more dollars or working 1 hour less aren't earth-shattering goals.

Who's life are you going to impact in 2013?