The Toilet Speaks Louder Than You Think It Does.

The Toilet Speaks Louder Than You Think It Does.

Everything you do resonates who you are. 

Many people think they can get by with rubbish in the corner. A hashed website or a cheapo business card on flimsy paper. 

Everything speaks:

  • A tattered and faded banner.
  • A rattling fan.
  • A fridge with nothing in it.
  • A bad paint job with smudges on the wall.
  • A picture on the wall that isn't straight.
  • A sad logo.
  • Serving boxed coffee instead of the real stuff.
  • The toilet at your office that has a broken seat. The toilet speaks louder than you think it does.
  • The smell in your reception.
  • The sagging chairs in the waiting room.

All of the above lets people in on a little secret—the secret of how you do things. Your brand, your company, your story and your culture. The bad things speak louder than the good every single time. 

Here's the principle: if you're going to do it, do it right.

The old adage goes that people will forget what you do, but they'll remember how you made them feel.

Every point of contact with your company, office, or personnel makes someone feel something. We can become blind to our mediocrity, but our clients and partners always have 2020 vision.

  • Awesome clean banner.
  • A fan that is smooth and quiet.
  • A fridge full of drinks and snacks for clients.
  • A solid, clean, paint job with fine edges.
  • A mind blowing picture—straight as an arrow.
  • A popping logo, which takes more time and effort to create.
  • Freshly ground coffee.
  • A glorious toilet experience with dead sea soap in the crystal holder.
  • Eucalyptus smell in the reception.
  • Firm, well upholstered chairs in the reception.
  • Booming atmosphere.

(photo via nico hogg)