The Truth About Focus Groups

The Truth About Focus Groups

When you hand select the people in the room—is it really a valid sample?

When the focus group is on “entrepreneurship in our city” and there’s only actually 1 person in the room who owns a business…

The excuse, “Well we invited people with companies, but they were too busy running their companies…” The focus group started at 1pm in the afternoon—primetime for an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs will come, especially if you offer to pay for their parking fees, give them dinner, do it after-hours, offer a free beverage or two (nice beverages, not old bottled water and soda).

If you’re looking for a sample demographic to reconfirm what you already want to reconfirm, then do a focus group in the afternoon and invite non-entrepreneurs.

But if you want true and honest answers that help in making change, then incentivize the real entrepreneurs to come to the table and listen to what they have to say. Listen.

Embracing entrepreneurship is not about education, policy, or even access to funding. It’s about supporting and connecting entrepreneurs to relationships, resources, and experience that can set them on a higher plane to success.

The education, policy, and funding follow entrepreneurs that take the lead.

If you’re a non-entrepreneur and you want to support entrepreneurship in your community, then step to the back of the leadership line. Encourage entrepreneurs to lead and incentivize them to come together and support one another. Then watch the wildfire that occurs.

(photo via j. kos-read)