The Worst Video Ever

The Worst Video Ever

Not only did they indicate that it's the worst video they'd ever seen, but the Marketing Chief said, "This is the worst day of my life because of this video."

I could see the director of the short story clenching his fists and holding back his retort. I assured him to relax.The room was tense and it became very quiet.

Now the MD piped in, “Well, I guess it'll have to work because the big event is tonight." He continued, "It's a work in progress, that's all I can say… But we'll show this tonight because we have to show something."

It was a blow. More so because we knew we nailed it.

A few of our team went that night to get the highlights of our event. People from all over Europe came to witness the landmark achievements of this massive organization, and they were about to watch the Worst Video Ever Created.

The video played. It ended. And to the amazement of almost everybody, the room stood. The room clapped and there were tears in the eyes of the international partners. Everyone ordered copies.

Later, the video became the chief focal point of the company's new website. We've since developed a strong relationship with the company and the director has since unclenched his fist.

We've said it before, sometimes the client doesn't know what they want (most times). Even when they see it. A culture shift is hard. And when people are used to long speeches, long videos with every ounce of information crammed into a script, potholes, banking delays and boring board meetings, it makes it difficult for them to define what they want.

That’s why its your job to give your clients what they need. Not just what they say they want and need.

When it changes, they think something is missing. When the better things arrive, initially they might think it's the worst day of their life. It’s hard to trade something good for what is best.

(photo via jonathan kos-read)